Romanko Zemi


Steps for Peer Review-Introduction


Follow these steps when you are reviewing the introduction of your peer's papers.


For peer review feedback, you donft have to rewrite your partnerfs sentences or provide solutions to their problems. You just need to indicate (tell them) which parts of their introduction you think they can improve and why.


Step 1

Identify the four different parts that should be included in the introduction (General Statement About the Topic, General Background Information (brief history), Significance, and Thesis Statement) If you canft find some of these parts tell the person.


Step 2

Read through each section of the introduction and comment on any parts you think they can improve (parts that may be confusing, missing information, lacking support etc.). If you can, provide suggestions (or questions) for how they might improve their writing, but you donft have to re-write their sentences for them. 


Step 3

Check the in-text citations. If the writer used information from outside sources did they write in-text citations to show where they got the information? That is, did they write the name of the author or website/article and the publication year (Tanaka, 2009; gReliable Sourcesh, 2007) to show you the source of their information? Are the citations in the introduction also listed in the references page? If not, tell the person what needs to be corrected.


Give the person back their introduction when you finish reading it and writing your comments.