Romanko Zemi


The Body


You have already done most of the work for the body of your paper. All you have to do now is add more information to your sentence outline. Remember to try and write as clear as possible using simple and easy to understand English. Your reader does not know about your topic so you must explain it to them clearly.

Using Your Sentence Outline

Your sentence outline has all the important information you will include in the body of your graduation thesis. All you have to do is expand the brief points of each section and make them into paragraphs.


Let's look at the first section of this sentence outline. The first main topic (1) is that Apes can communicate spontaneously. Its supporting details are (1.1) Double-blind experiments and (1.2) They use sign language on their own. This matches the first main point of the thesis statement: ...It will show how great apes can communicate spontaneously...



All you have to do is expand on each of the points in your sentence outline. That is, give a more detailed description for the main point and each supporting detail of each section and turn it into a paragraph.

This is also the time to include citations (the outside sources you get information from) in your text.

You can see below how section 1 (1.1, 1.2) of this sentence outline becomes a paragraph.



Each section of your sentence outline should become one paragraph. How many paragraphs you have will depend on how many sections you have in your sentence outline (which should be based on the topics of your thesis statement).