Romanko Zemi


Sentence Outlines


A sentence outline uses complete sentences and can give you a more detailed picture of what your research paper will say. This type of outline makes writing your first draft quicker and easier. So, if you work hard on this outline now you will have much less work to do later. Here is how you should make your sentence outline.


First, write the writing style of your research paper and your thesis statement at the top of the page. Then, once again you need to organize your ideas into major topics and minor supporting details. Since you have already done this with your ideas map this should be easy.


However, the key for sentence outlines is to expand all of your information in complete sentences. It is VERY important to remember that you don’t want to write more than a sentence to explain each topic or supporting detail. You have to keep your ideas short and to the point.




Also, it is very important to write down where you got your information (in-text citations). Thus, you should include the name of the author and the year the information was published or the websites address in your sentence outline. Don’t take all your information from one source!




Within each of your topics you want to organize your supporting details from strongest to weakest, just as you are doing with the information for your whole research paper. Think of each section in your research paper as a small essay within your big essay (research paper).