Romanko Zemi


Ideas Map


The main point of an ideas map is to quickly get a rough idea of how you will organize your information. Here is how you should create your ideas map.


First, write down the main topics in your research paper and draw lines between them. You don’t need to use full sentences. Just use key words or short phrases.


Next, add your supporting details for each major topic. Again, you don’t need to use complete sentences. Just use key words and/or phrases to explain your supporting details. Also, don’t forget to think about how you will move from topic to topic. 




Remember, when you are trying to decide how to organize your information start with your strongest reasons and supporting arguments and finish with your weakest reasons and supporting arguments. That is, topic one should be your strongest supporting argument (with examples) and topics two and three should be the next strongest supporting arguments (with examples). Remember everyone's research topic is different and how you will order your information will depend on your ideas and your topic.