Romanko Zemi


Using the Internet


Remember the following things when you are looking for information on the internet.


 Evaluate the sites you use!

Anyone can make a web site. Make sure the sites you use can be trusted and are written by professional and qualified people.


 Use search engines to help you!

Read the directions for each search engine to get the most out of your search.

Use words like AND and OR to limit your search and get more specific information.

Some useful search engines include: Google, Google Japan, Yahoo, Yahoo Japan, Bing, and Bing Japan.



 Determine if the site is professional and has high quality information

If the material on the site is professional and shows signs of research, such as references to other sources, hyperlinks, footnotes (notes), or a reference page it can usually be trusted.


 Check the date of the information!

Try to find the date the web page was created and/or a date for the most recent update for the site.

Most importantly, check to see if the information is up to date and has information on recent changes or advances in the field or topic you are researching. For example, if your topic is cloning (
クローン技術), you probably don't want to use a web page that was created and last updated in 1990. Technology in the field of cloning changes quickly and the information found on a site created in 1990 may not include the most recent information about cloning.